Mental Wellness Strategies for nurses

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Mental Wellness Strategies For Nurses

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Watch this video for a real quick reminder about your own self-care!

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“My hypnotherapy session with Chuck was positive and up lifting. We worked on my confidence. I noticed many times in the days following my session that I felt better about myself and the way I view challenging situations. Chuck is very passionate about helping people. I would recommend working with him.” — Vicky S., RN

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I must tell you the truth! You are not alone. You are not the only nurse who provides “excellent” care for patient after patient who then neglects their own “excellent” self-care.

“A 2012 survey of 2,500 registered nurses in North Carolina found 71 percent of them experienced musculoskeletal pain and 18 percent experienced depression. Furthermore, stress contributes to chronic disease. The stress hormone cortisol and the hormone adrenaline can build up in the bloodstream and lead to hyperglycemia, hyperinsulinemia, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, and a decrease in the function of the immune system. Ignoring stress can also lead to chronic fatigue or depression.” (

It is frustrating when I hear health systems tell their nurses to practice self-care, only to follow it up with how it effects “their bottom line” or “causes patients harm”. SERIOUSLY! Self-care is about one thing, YOU, TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF.  Granted, there will be a domino effect of nurses who experience great self-care. Absolutely!  Do you really think you will see good results in nurses who practice self-care by “guilting” them into it?

Mental Wellness Strategies for Nurses is all about giving you the tools to practice your own FANTASTIC self-care; for yourself (and maybe your family too), but really for yourself.

You are worth it! You Deserve it! Take a minute right now and take the first step in practicing self-care for you. Click here to set up a discovery call or call/text 833.443.5776 to get the conversation started. You can do it! You can feel better! So, Click or call right now!

Mental Wellness strategies for nurses